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We're building a simple way for business owners to exit their business.

After working with hundreds of businesses in consulting and financing, we realised that traditional institutions make things more complicated than they need to be. We thought about all the paper work and processes that we hated about dealing with traditional institutions and worked backwards.

Very few owners we know have enjoyed dealing with private equity or strategic buyers. Why get stuck in endless meetings, presentations and calls? Why deal with complex transaction structures, legal jargon, protracted negotiations and haggling? Why do it in 12 months when you can do it in 3? We know that the process can and should be better.

We have built a process for owners who want a long-term home for their business and who believe that their business is more than an Excel spreadsheet. This is for business owners who want to preserve their legacy.

Offer in 14 days, close in 90 days.

Superset Capital Private Equity Strategic Buyers
Transaction Speed

Fast due to sole focus on one transaction at a time

Slow due to multiple live deals managed simultaneously

Slow due to current operations of business

Time Horizon


3-5 years

Dependent on parent company's strategy

Funding Sources

Smart Capital (committed pool of individual investors and family offices)

Large hands off institutional investors

Public/Corporate funds


Fully committed to the long-term growth of the business

One of many in a portfolio


Existing Owner's Participation

Flexible to each owner's situation

Requires at least 2-3 years of participation from existing owners


Value Creation

Build on existing strengths of the business

Cost cutting and financial engineering to secure short-term returns

Integration into acquirer's existing business



Henry Tang


Henry has been featured previously in a publication to be making a difference in the Financial Technology scene. After spending more than half a decade in regional operational roles from a Logistic giant like DHL to innovative Fintech firms such as Funding Societies to the latest adventure with Endowus, he decided to bring the set of cross-functional skillsets and experiences to the world of small businesses in search of the next big thing.

Henry co-founded Superset Capital with the objective of wanting to improve small businesses, whilst preserving the legacies of the exiting business owners. He hopes to build further on the strong existing foundations and to unlock the hidden potential with his no-nonsense approach.

Henry holds a BSc Information Systems Management from the Singapore Management University (SMU), and graduated as Valedictorian (Faculty), Class of 2015.



Ben Khong


Ben's fascination with SMEs began when he was working at iwoca, a London based Fintech startup. In his work there, he combined financial data with non-traditional data sources to provide loans to over 10,000 SMEs.

Upon returning home to Singapore, he spent 4 years at a local Fintech startup, Funding Societies. He helped to grow the business from Series A to Series C. In his latest role, he was the general manager of the most profitable business unit in the company.

Ben founded Superset Capital with the aim of applying his technical and management skills to help Singaporean businesses thrive in the digital world. He also hopes to inspire more high potential Singaporeans to consider entrepreneurship as a desirable career option.

Ben has also spent time at Barclays and Amazon and has experience in applying technology to create innovative solutions for various industries. He holds a BSc Economics from University College London (UCL).

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